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Explore how H3 Platform Falcon solution helps AI Research Lab advance AI development

""The flexibility of GPUs allocation, ease of management and analytics separate H3 Platform from the pack.""

AI Research Lab uses cognitive techniques to help our customers get value from their data. So much of our system researchers’ focus is in building flexible systems for this type of AI workloads. In this time of evolving Cognitive Era, system flexibility can be more important than system purchase cost. The speed of innovation is very critical in the era of AI.

The composable system is created as an effort to help R&D teams evolve cognitive services and applications more quickly to advance the science of cognitive techniques. Automation and analytics help optimize the value of these systems. With built-in management UI, users can easily manage the required GPU on demand to increase the innovation speed and reduce the IT admin efforts. The analytic performance and GPU utilization rates provide valuable insight to help AI experts sharpen their AI algorithm.

By deploying H3 Platform Falcon solution in a research team, AI Research Lab began seeing an influx of benefits including:

  • increased GPU utilization
  • speedy innovation
  • simplified management process

The better flexibility of GPU solutions meant quicker innovation speed for AI experts, allowing them to focus on creating new AI algorithm and add more value for their customers.

Building a smart planet using cognitive techniques.
That's what AI Research Lab does. That's what H3 Platform supports.