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H3 Platform's New PCIe Gen4 Composable GPU Expansion Systems in Full Production



TAIPEINov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- H3 Platform Inc., the composable infrastructure solution provider based in Taiwan, announced the general availability(full production) of its new integrated composable GPU expansion solution along with SC20. The Falcon 4010 and 4005 are the two latest models to H3 Platform's Composable GPU Expansion Chassis product family. Both models possess PCIe Gen4 performance and are compatible with the latest GPUs such as Nvidia® A100. The new models also succeed the software-defined GPU technology and H3 platform's unique multi-function graphical user interface that eases GPU management. The Falcon GPU expansion system aims to raise computing performance, reduce implementation complexity, and enhance GPU utilization rate for the broad multi-GPU applications at decent cost-efficiency.

The Falcon 4010 is a 5U rackmount GPU system that can accommodate up to 8x dual-slot graphics cards. Designed for enterprises, Falcon 4010 supports most latest high-end GPUs on the market, provides sufficient power and cooling for all 8 GPUs running at peak performance, capable of multiple host connections via PCIe cables, and unique GPU drawer design that helps IT personnel to perform maintenance and device replacements much easier than usual.

The Falcon 4005 is a desktop GPU system that can accommodate up to 5x dual-slot graphics card and up to four host connections. Falcon 4005 is designed for office, lab, and studio environments with significant lower noise level at full load.

GPUs are widely used to accelerated various profitable applications and business activities; however, it is difficult to manage massive amount of GPU devices as the systems scale out. H3 Platform addresses GPU resource management challenges with its composable solutions accompanied by the flexibility and the GPU HA capability that help businesses in any size to adapt to the changing environment as well as stay competitive at any time.

H3 Platform Inc. continues to develop PCIe switch-based technology and deliver composable infrastructure solutions that drives HPC innovations with the optimized IT resource planning & management capability.

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