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Features and Benefits

  • Composable infrastructure

    • Compose and decompose GPU to unlock the trapped GPU and avoid overprovisioning.
    • Flexible pools to rapidly meet the needs of variable application workloads.
  • Analytics to optimize utilization

    • Provide IO performance and utilization rate for optimization of GPU.
    • Optimize resource pool-- is it over/ under provisioned?
    • Predict GPU failure based on AI.
  • Dynamically scale

    • Pay-as-you-grow expansion, ensure maximum performance with scalable multi-chassis.
    • Purchase and upgrade GPU independently without purchasing whole server.
  • Superior performance

    • Support PCIe Gen4 GPU and backward compatible with PCIe Gen3.
    • Protect your investment by future-proof PCIe Gen4 performance, 32GB/s, sub-micro latency.


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