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H3 Platform Inc. announced the launch of a brand new NVMe sharing solution for high-performance computing applications.



October 8th, 2021Taipei.

H3 Platform Inc., the composable infrastructure manufacturer based in Taipei, announced the launch of Falcon 5208, a brand new high-performance NVMe sharing solution, today. The solution supports multi-host sharing pool of virtualized NVMe SSDs and a well-developed management software, aiming to serve the storage needs in the HPC segment.

The Falcon 5208 solution leverages NVMe and PCIe 4.0 fabric to achieve higher IOPS and lower network overhead than any other existing NVMe-oF solution

“As SSD technology advances, the SSD local latency can reach as low as 10 microseconds, and the latency is expected to further decrease in the future. The network overhead created by current NVMe-oF architecture account for as much as 50% of the overall system overhead and the proportion is increasing as SSD local latency drops. That would limit the performance of the NVMe devices significantly,” said Brian Pan, Chief Executive Officer of H3 Platform. “With PCIe fabric, we are basically taking the network overhead out of the picture, the latency created by PCIe fabric is only 0.7 microsecond and the bandwidth is much higher,” he added.

“We are also incorporating NVMe SR-IOV technology in this solution,” said Brian. “It helps to increase the flexibility of NVMe SSD resources and enhances data security at the same time.” “Data centers could make more efficient use of the NVMe SSD resources with our new solution.”

In the coming month, H3 Platform will start rolling out Falcon 5208 across Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the U.S. Datacenters will be able to experience the performance and convenience that this new storage solution brings.

The solution comes with integrated management software with graphical user interface, real-time SSD usage and performance data are provided to the users, even inexperienced IT workers would be able to handle complex SSD management tasks such as resource planning and assignments without pressure.

H3 Platform commits to development of PCIe switch technology, produces high-performance composable infrastructure solutions that enhance IT efficiency and user experience.

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