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PCIe Gen 5 Composable Solution with Broadcom PEX 89144



It can attribute to the partnership with different chip vendors and system providers that H3 has been thriving since 2014 in the supply chain of composable infrastructure. The technical support from Broadcom and, therefore, the friendship can term the most significant during the composable solution development. This blog post will introduce the crucial role of Broadcom's PEX 89144 chip in H3's solution development. The reader will learn how the PEX-series chip plays in the composable system and where H3 stands to work together in the supply chain to apply this powerful chip of PCIe 5.0 to the real world.

Broadcom's PEX 89144 

Broadcom, a global technology innovator, and leader in the semiconductor industry, designs, conceives and provides diversified system-on-a-chips and infrastructure software solutions. 

Following the 3rd & 4th Gen switches, Broadcom's PEX89144 PCIe 5.0 Fabric chip with 144 PCIe 5.0 lanes further enlarges the raw bandwidth through the device up to 9216 Tb/s (1152 GB/s) to construct a high-performance, low-latency scalable, and cost-effective composable hyper-compute system. Below are the strengths in short:

• 32 GT/s of PCIe 5.0 in-rack transmission rate between hosts and peripheral devices.

• Reduced latency, simplified connectivity, and lowered power consumption by PCIe switching. 

In addition to the traditional single-host assignment in base operation mode, flexible multi-host connectivity in synthetic operation mode has been a significant feature of the PEX 89144 Fabric chip, with other features like dynamic removal, add, and assignment of the I/O devices in the single or multi-host environment as well. The security features are also well-incorporated into the switch. Therefore, with the specialized switch design for the hybrid HW/SW platform, data can flow non-blocking in line speed between configurable components in the system. Heterogeneous computing systems also become possible with an agile combination of processors, storage, accelerators, and network devices. HPC, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and I/O Sharing also benefit from this innovative composable system with doubled connection bandwidth.

H3, Key Firmware Provider in Composable System

Collaborating with Broadcom, H3 contributes to firmware development, API and GUI for central management software, and chassis design. H3 materializes the firmware based on the PEX89000 SDK to manage the switch chip and the management CPU and BMC to facilitate the smooth running of the overall system. Also, H3 participates in the chassis design with other system suppliers to OEM the whole composable system, which can be the hardest part of the development process for precision. Also, H3 dedicates itself to optimizing the UI/UX of the central Management software to ensure users have a pleasant operating experience. Despite these challenges, years of experience in this field have led H3 to keep having breakthroughs with innovative thoughts. By this May, H3 will launch PCIe Gen 5 composable system following Gen 3 and Gen 4 Falcon Series. 

Tomorrow's infrastructure

Thanks to Broadcom's technical support and partnerships with other system manufacturers, H3 has developed and gained a firm foothold in the supply chain of composable infrastructure. With Broadcom's PEX 89144 chip, the power of Gen 5 PCIe composable infrastructure is to be realized. 

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