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H3 Platform's CEO to Showcase PCIe 5.0 NVMe MR-IOV Solution in Webinar


New Taipei City, Taiwan – May 5, 2023 — H3 Platform, a leading provider of composable infrastructure solutions, is set to host an upcoming webinar introducing its latest product, the PCIe Gen 5 NVMe MR-IOV solution. The webinar, which will take place on June 6, 4:00-5:00 pm, and June 7, 4:00-5:00 am PDT, will be led by H3's CEO, Brian Pan.

During the webinar, Brian will showcase the software interface of the PCIe Gen 5 NVMe MR-IOV solution and demonstrate how NVMe SSDs can be shared among multiple servers on a network. The key message of the webinar is that through VF sharing, a single NVMe SSD can be shared across the PCIe 5.0 network with virtual machine read/write latencies under 1 microsecond.

This development is a significant accomplishment in the technology industry, as it enables users to share high-speed storage resources seamlessly across a network. Attendees of the webinar can expect to learn about the advantages of this technology, including reduced hardware costs and simplified management of storage resources.

"We are excited to showcase our latest innovation in high-performance composable infrastructure solution," said Brian Pan, CEO of H3 Platform. "The PCIe Gen 5 NVMe MR-IOV solution is a game-changer for users who require fast, reliable, and efficient storage solutions. We look forward to sharing this technology with attendees and demonstrating its capabilities."

The webinar is open to anyone interested in learning about the latest advancements in storage technology. Attendees can register for the webinar on H3 Platform's website (Registration Link), and will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with H3's experts.

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