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Explore how H3 Platform Falcon solution helps academical institution's IT deployment.

""The disaggregated GPU solution helps the school to overcome challenges in IT system upgrade""

The academic institution offers its students GPU accelerated computing systems for data analytical purpose. The institution adopted hundreds of RTX 2080Ti GPUs previously, and is looking to upgrade its GPUs to the Ampere GPUs due to the huge performance improvement. The school decided to go for RTX 3090 for a couple reasons: 1. Given the amount of GPU it needs, adopting the Quadro or Tesla GPUs would easily go over budget. 2. The RTX 3090 provides performance close to the higher-end GPUs with an acceptable price tag.

However, different from Nvidia’s last generation GPUs, there is a great increase in power consumption for the RTX 3090. The GPU server model they had could carry 8 RTX 2080Ti GPUs, but now it could only carry maximum 4 RTX 3090s due to the higher TDP. Moreover, whether the cooling solution could handle the amount of heat generated by the RTX 3090 remains unknown. On the other hand, the institution needs a rack mount solution that could fit into its IT room, custom build workstation is not an option in their case.

By deploying H3 Platform Falcon solution, the institution successfully overcome the technical challenges including:

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