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CXL 2.0 Memory Pooling Launched @2022 OCP Global Summit


On Wednesday, October 18, CXL 2.0 Memory Pooling Solution will debut at the 2022 OCP Global Summit, San Jose, CA, USA, Oct. 18-20. H3 team members proudly present the latest innovative product and, as usual, earnestly support our customers with the sincerest service at booth 21, EXPO Hall.

Following the continued update of the Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) protocol, H3’s CXL 2.0 Memory Pooling solution features the latest functionalities. Memory mapping – Memory can be attached to the compute on demand. Memory sharing – a single memory can be sliced into small memory devices and shared among hosts. The x16 slots can be instantly configured as host or device slots with GUI and Redfish API software for memory pooling management according to the user’s needs.

Customers can look up the latest news about the product on our official website and request information via all authorized local retailers. H3 specialists are available to offer any help in need.