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H3 Platform Announces Bring-up of PCIe Gen 5 Fabric and GPU Boxes and Development of CXL Memory Management Application



New Taipei City, Taiwan – December 12, 2022  H3 Platform will announce to launch PCIe Gen 5 GPU expansion system by May 2023. The development of the PCIe Gen 5 GPU Expansion System has come to the bring-up stage. H3's R&D engineers are debugging and testing the hardware fabric platform, trying to execute the firmware on the hardware platform to make the PCIe fabric work. The next step will be to test sharing the PCIe devices among multiple hosts. 


H3 Platform will also announce the launch of CXL memory management solution by Q2 2023. Currently, H3 can remotely reach the XConn Apollo A0 controller to develop the firmware on an mCPU platform. It is expected to manage the memory sharing/pooling configuration on the switch through this software. The next step will co-work with system partners for hardware production.

"H3 Platform will be the first company to bring out the PCIe Gen 5 GPU composable solution and CXL Memory Pooling solution worldwide,” said Brian Pan, founder, and chief executive officer, of H3 Platform Inc. “Next step, we will have a lot of opportunities to collaborate with system partners. We are going to be very busy over the end of 2022.”