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Exciting News: Revolutionary Progress Unveiled in H3 Development with CXL Switch Memory Pooling



New Taipei City, Taiwan - H3 is delighted to announce a meaningful milestone in the journey of H3 development! Through our efforts, we have made a remarkable leap forward that solidifies our position as pioneers in the composable infrastructure industry.


One of our groundbreaking achievements includes integrating memory pooling capabilities in our mCPU board. By harnessing the revolutionary Xconn CXL switch, servers can now establish connectivity with CXL memory modules, bringing forth a new era of integrated memory pooling. We also have gathered the latency test data of CXL memory modules attached to the switch. Although the latency still cannot compare to that of DDR and direct-attached CXL memory, along with evolving CXL switch development to be more robust, optimized latency data can be expected.


We invite you to stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of technology and unveil more exciting updates. Our commitment to #techprogress and our unwavering spirit of #Innovation drive us to explore new horizons in H3 development, offering possibilities for the future.