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Falcon 5208

Composable NVMe™ SSD virtual functions to meet highest performance requirements.

  • Total capacity 25 TB, 51 TB, or 102 TB storage
  • 8x Samsung PM1735 PCIe NVMe™ SSDs
  • 2 (x16) or 4 (x8) or 8 (x4) host connections
  • Support PCIe multi-root sharing of NVMe™ SSDs

Despite high-performance, Falcon 5208 is also very flexible in terms of system configuration.

There are two PCIe x16 host ports that supports bifurcation (2x8 or 4x4), giving Falcon 5208 NVMe chassis the capability of maximum 8 host connections. It is easy to scale out your system, simply connect extra CPU host to the chassis whenever needed.

SSD wise, users can create maximum of 32 virtual functions for each Samsung PM1735 SSDs in the chassis, and create NVMe namespaces of desired capacity. This NVMe SR-IOV approach effectively liquifies the physical SSD resources for better SSD utilization.

Following diagrams demonstrates the topology of the system consisting of different number of host machines.

Two PCIe x16 host connections

Four PCIe x8 Host Connections

Eight PCIe x4 Host Connections

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