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Falcon 4016

Designed for unparalleled performance and flexibility

  • GPU dynamic provisioning
  • 4U 19” disaggregated GPU solution
  • Up to 16 GPUs or FPGAs
  • Up to 4 (x16) server hosts

1. Introduction Of The Host Ports

There are four host ports inside Falcon 4016 and each port can connect to one host server.

If more hosts need to be connected, four more PCIe slots on the front side (indicated as 1, 2, 3, 4 as below) can also be configured as the host ports with the host bridge cards.

2. How is the host server connected to Falcon 4016?

      1. Install the host bus adapter on the host server.

      2. Connect the host bus adapter to Falcon 4016 via CDFP cable.

      3. Connect the CDFP cable to Falcon 4016.

      3. Falcon 4016 Configurations

      Standard mode with 1 host

      One host can access 16 GPUs.

      Standard mode with 2 hosts

      Each host can access 8 GPUs.

      Standard mode with 4 hosts

      Each host can access 4 GPUs.

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