Revolutionary Data Center, Fluid IT

In today dynamic business environment, composable IT infrastructure helps you create a business agility that is critical to your success. H3 PCIe switch, Falconwitch, plays the key role in a rack-scale disaggregation to achieve hardware composability.


Falconwitch allows you to allocate the PCIe devices to dynamically configure your systems to create your own composable IT infrastructure which meet your diverse application needs.


With the right provisioning of resources, capital expenditure can be reduced with the initial purchase, as well as ongoing hardware purchases. Studies have shown this can drive 100–300 percent greater utilization for virtualized workloads and 200–600 percent greater utilization for configured IT resources.

Lightning Speed

PCIe delivers sub-microsecond response time and up to 16GB per second to accelerate critical applications and achieve competitive advantages.

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